Integrated Technologies Cont. EST.

Piping works.
Industrial mechanical installation.
Rent a Crane .


Integrated Technologies Cont. EST, is a wholly Saudi owned organization which has been established in 2012.The major business of the company is directed towards the industrial civil construction, mechanical piping fabrication, welding and erection, Electrical, Instrumentation, Communication, Maintenance and Heavy equipment Rental..

ITECH offers a complete range of process technical experience in every aspect of construction and its related services. ITECH is staffed by an active experienced pool of engineers, technicians and skilled labors. ITECH prides itself not only on the depth of expertise of the trade but as well as for the speed and efficiency of the services rendered. Our customized services with an immediate response and extra care for the client’s needs are an enviable reputation we share throughout the year as evidenced by repeated assignments from our counted clients. Reliability on construction and labor supply to meet our client’s production deadlines is also a confidence we carry. Read More

Civil Construction

Civil construction includes equipment foundations, Paving, Curb wall, and duct banks etc. All these projects associated with electromechanical.

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Mechanical construction work includes complete installation and erection of equipments, Piping and Structural fabrication, welding and erection.

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Electrical construction work includes, All electrical substations, Duct Banks, Manholes, Switch Gears, UPS, Transformer installations,CCTV Installations, Cable wiring ....

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Instrumentation construction includes industrial instrumentation, HVAC control systems, switch gears control systems, DCS system installations etc.

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